Colorful Balloons Still Have a Place in Children’s Hearts

The Balloon industry owes it existence to a simple fact: Young children are fascinated by the sheer color and form of a floating balloon.

In fact young children learn colors from looking at the most basic color range. This basic color schemes are well captured by balloon manufacturers who have specialized in this for many decades. These manufacturers also understand this simple insight of child development.

However, color preference is subject to many influences.

So in the last few years, the balloon industry has seen a movement away from the basic rainbow color range to color palettes that mirror the fashion industry.

All of a sudden, tiffany blues, rose gold, chrome colors have become all the rage within the industry.

And then came Pastel colors. Pastel colors came about due to the soft colors being associated with babies. But the colors stayed and are a favourite with mothers and younger women.

Parents are prone to be gender biased on color, and invariably will chose Pink for girls and Blue for Boys, so we begin to see Rainbow colors losing their popularity. For more on this subject, click on this link.

Many years ago, I was pleasantly surprised when a French couple walked into our shop and asked for 20 foil monkeys for her daughters’ 2 year old birthday.

This was so unusual I actually chatted with them. They were very conscious they didn’t want to stereotype the little girl into the “feminine” box. Kudos to them! 

Of course there were also many local parents who understand the fascination with colors that the children have and simply order assorted colors of metallic and standard balloons.

When do you use the metallic color latex balloons vs the standard color latex balloons?

The key is whether the event is indoor or outdoor.

As we all know, sunlight has UV and this will oxidize any material and cause a bleaching of intense colorsMetallic latex balloons have a sheen or shine on them that make them metallic. This shine is affected by intense UV.

So this shows as a dulling or bleaching of the colors. This can happen in 2-3hours in the hot Malaysian sun.  So! If you have an event outdoor, USE the standard colored latex balloons. For indoor events use the metallic balloons.

How do you use these balloons?

In the simplest form, use them with Helium, and float them. This is a free standing balloon. It will be tied with a ribbon to a weight. This is the most basic balloon presentation and is very versatile.

You can arrange them strategically around your venue and this will add color and atmosphere to any venue or room. The individual balloons can also be given to any child to take home.

You can also float them to the ceiling. We call them free flow helium balloons. Free flow balloons have a ribbon attached with no weight. The ribbons are curled and become wonderfully decorative.

They can have long ribbons as well. But the longer the ribbon, the more weight is on the balloon so there is a limit before the balloons stop to float.

You can simply blow these latex balloons with air and form garlands/ arches and clusters and any organic garlands. Tied together, air filled balloons form the most basic building block of any balloon decoration.

How long do helium balloon last?

Helium latex balloons last more than 10hrs. We make a promise of 9hrs, indoor. But they are likely to last 11-12 hours.  Air filled balloons will stay filled for weeks. This will depend on the temperature of the room. 

To choose your Metallic and Standard colored latex balloons, click here.


Metallic latex balloons

Metallic latex balloons made into floral clusters for a children’s party

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