How to do a Gender Reveal Party with Balloons

A Gender Reveal party is exactly that – a chance to celebrate a boy or a girl.  Apparently it started off in 2008. Named Gender Reveal by the blogger / parent who started it all.

Read it here

In the west this trend has gone up and down and has some degree of notoriety due to many over enthusiastic parents who have became very creative. Some of these ideas became state disasters.. like starting a forest fire..!!

But we in Malaysia still enjoy our parties and the Gender Reveal trend is just a wonderful way to catch up with family and friends and have a good time.

The basic idea is simple. The baby is either a boy or a girl and the point of the party is to reveal this gender to invited guests.

The Balloon way to do this is to have a big Balloon- likely a 3footer – a latex balloon that would be Black and Opaque. It would be filled with either BLUE or PINK confetti/ feathers/ powder or small balloons.

This big balloon is then popped to reveal either a BLUE or PINK materials. This  announces the gender of the new baby. 

You can check out the BIG Black and Opaque balloon here.

or another Gender Reveal Set here.

Gender Reveal Parties are great fun for the family members not in the know. And it’s a great way to welcome a new baby.

Here are some Gender Reveal parties we have done.

BEST BIG Brother

this is one aspect of this that many young parents will appreciate.  We do not want the older child to be sidelined or ignored with a new baby.

So the idea about the Best Big Brother Or Sister comes about. So that the Older child still has a firm part in the celebration.

Check this out

for entertainment, see how far some parents have gone and what could possibly go wrong

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