How to Personalize Your Balloons

The Age of Personalisation is here

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when it was just impossible to get one product and personalize it with a name or a message.

Of course this idea is not new. Our forefathers used to write personally and took great pride in handwriting message cards to conveys all sorts of messages.

But in the digital age, this has largely been forgotten. Instead, we have sms’s/ text messages/ emoticons to represent our messages.

And this has also caught on with balloons with the new technology available.

Now it is perfectly easy to type and print out messages and names. You can also have the message or names cut out with a cutter machine.

And so, Balloons have become personalized. You do not need to print 100 balloons if you only need ONE!!

Here are some examples:

Personalized Bubble Balloon with Gold and white Balloon.

This is Plastic Bubble Balloon.

Together with a message for the birthday boy or girl and with some white small balloon inserted into the plastic balloon. Helium filled.

This Bubble Balloon will float for about 3-4 weeks!

Quite a technological advancement. The accompanying gold and white balloons make a happy group.

The message is cut out of sticker material. You can choose your font and the color of the sticker. The message can also be uniquely yours.

And this all can be ordered just one day before collection or delivery.  Check out how to do this HERE.

Now you have the options of personalizing the plastic balloons, and you can also do the same personalization with Foil and Latex Balloons. Look at these examples.

best sellers personalized balloon with message

this is a best seller, it uses a transparent latex balloon to carry the message.

OR this

rose gold balloon bouquet with personalize sticker

this bouquet uses a plastic 24inch balloon to carry the message.

OR this

This uses a foil star to carry the message

and lastly.. using the chrome balloons with a message

And then, the message and the balloon by itself

Again, the font/ message/ color of sticker/ the color of the confetti can all be specified.

Have some fun, convey that message. Tell someone you love them. Don’t wait. Do it with a Personalized Balloon.

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