SuperAgate Balloons are Great Looking Balloons!

They are a range of Latex balloons introduced at least 5 years ago.

And they are a great color option when used by themselves or with other balloons.

They are unique, no other balloons look like them. They look like this

 Superagate balloons in bunch pink colorBlue superagate balloon in a bunch with helium.

And come in a range of 6 colors.

  1. Red and white
  2. Blue and White
  3. Orange and white
  4. Fashion  (purple and blue)
  5. Green and Yellow
  6. Black and White.

They can be ordered individually or in mixed bouquets here. Or they can be order in mixed bouquets just for the occasion.



black and white classic theme balloon bouquet for birthday occasion.

the variations are endless.

Where does the name Superagate comes from?

Agate is a semi precious stone. It looks like this.

So from Nature, comes the patterns that have been replicated in the Superagate Balloons.

Buy some soon and marvel at the patterns by nature.

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