What are Chrome Balloons?

Latex Balloon Manufacturers are always innovating. And color is the obvious focus.

Starting from the perennial favourites of Metallic and Standard colors in latex balloons, the creation of Chrome colors was a Giant step forward.

Never in the history of latex balloons have such vibrant metallic colors been produced and made available globally. All credit to the Pioneer company in the US.

Chrome balloons from Qualatex were 1st made available here in Malaysia in 2018 and have quickly gotten a huge following.

The vibrant metallic colors really turn heads and the balloons really make eye-catching balloon decoration whether helium filled and floating or in air filled balloon creations.

Currently, Qualatex Chrome balloons come in 6 wonderful colors.  Blue / Purple/ Green/ Mauve/ Gold/ Silver. In 2019, Rose Gold and Copper colors were added.

These balloons have now been in the Malaysian market for 2 years. They are well accepted. They are very desirable for that special event in our life. They keep well especially when used indoors, and can float up to 10hrs. If you add High Float, they can float for up to 24hrs.

However, the shine DOES NOT last very long in the Hot Malaysian outdoors.

The shine can oxidize and will do so much faster outdoors. Especially so in the hot sun. We still recommend Standard Latex Balloons if you have an outdoor event.

Cost of these Balloons are higher than the Standard Latex and the Metallic Latex balloons. But the extra WOWs! And the eye catching colors are simply breathtaking!

To order your Chrome balloons, click here

To check out the original launch from Qualatex, click here.

To see a what I mean by Eye Catching, click here for this great video from BalloonBuzz Brunei. 

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